A Grunts View is a story of a journey. That of a kid to a soldier, to a War Veteran. It is a Digger's view-point of active service in the Vietnam War. Serving as a Rifleman in the 7th Battalion (PIGS) of the Royal Australian Regiment.


"To seek out and close with the enemy; to kill or capture him; to seize and hold ground; to repel attack,

by day or night, regardless of season. weather or terrain."


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DISCLAIMER:- I have been accused of copying another Vets story/story's from his book. A book which happens to have the Title of one of my Chapters. Which is strange as I have never seen the book, don't have it and have not read it? All my stories except were noted when I have the permission of the owner, are straight from my Tour. Indeed many members of A Company 7RAR who have seen this site have no issues with any of the stories.  However because of the hassles I am going to change the "Title" and replace it with a new one. This if I am able to do so; on such an old computer might throw out some links until I can correct them? If you are reading this or looking at the site and find broken links could you let me know? Regards, Oink October 2013.




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